Schedule and Organization

The workshop is planned to take place from 10h00AM to 5h00PM.

10h00 Opening

10h15 Keynote by Dr. Sergi Bermúdez i Badia, NeuroRehabLab at M-ITI, on “A systematic approach towards designing low-cost motor and cognitive rehabilitation systems after stroke” (check the abstract for details) (have a look at the presentation here).

11h00 Coffee break

11h15 Papers presentations – PechaKucha style + digital poster (5 min presentation + 5 min discussion)

11h15A Participatory Game Design Approach for Children After Cancer Treatment” (have a look at the presentation here)
Fares Kayali, Konrad Peters, Andrea Reithofer, Ruth Mateus-Berr, Jens Kuczwara, Zsuzsanna Lehner, Anita Lawitschka, Barbara Brunmaier, Daniel Martinek, Rebecca Wolfle, Marisa Silbernagl, Manuel Sprung, Helmut Hlavacs
11h20 Discussion and questions

11h25Mobile games to improve healthier lifestyle amongst youth: “are we there yet” or should we move forward?” (have a look at the presentation here)
Paulo Fontes, Paula Boaventura, José Azevedo
11h30 Discussion and questions

11h35Understanding users’ (dis)engagement with activity trackers” (have a look at the presentation here)
Rúben Gouveia, Sérgio Barros, Evangelos Karapanos
11h40 Discussion and questions

11h45My Data fueling wellbeing applications” (have a look at the presentation here)
Kai Kuikkaniemi, Antti Poikola, Olli Pitkänen
11h50 Discussion and questions

11h55Digital Entertaining Health Applications – Researching the Fundamentals of a Cause-Effect Relationship” (have a look at the presentation here)
Katharina Emmerich, Maic Masuch, Ralf Schmidt
12h00 Discussion and questions

12h05Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed: gathering feedback of experts while performing heuristic evaluation with heuristics targeted at older adults” (have a look at the presentation here)
Paula Alexandra Silva, Philipp Jordan and Kelly Holden
12h10 Discussion and questions

12h15 General discussion

12h30 Lunch information and afternoon planning, including introduction of workshop challenges

12h45 End of morning session

13h00 Lunch

14h30 Afternoon work session to solve workshop challenges

15h30 Coffee break

15h45 Presentation and discussion of workshop challenges outcomes through the means of (e.g.) posters, short amateur videos, or role-play

Open question challenge – What are the challenges of designing systems for everyday life? (have a look at the presentation here)

Elaborate on the following tension: More fun and entertainment vs. health as a serious matter? (have a look at the presentation here)

Reflect and discuss – The way in which healthcare takes place has undergone many changes and is nowadays very different from what it used to be? How can healthcare adapt, incorporate, reflect, and, leverage changes introduced by recent research? (have a look at the presentation)

Elaborate on the following tension: formal clinical settings care vs. everyday life care (have a look at the presentation)

16h45 Final remarks

17h00 End of workshop


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